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I had Tengen Tetris and didn’t play the Nintendo version until many years later. It was a solid game, but I ended up preferring both Nintendo’s NES iteration, as well as the Gameboy version. The visual design and music really sell a puzzle game for me. Tengen had such an unappealing visual design and the music was bland. Did it prevent, occasionally, good developers from putting out their products at the rate they wanted?

It’s pure, unadulterated fun; I haven’t reached first place, or “Tetris Maximus”, a single time, yet it’s really, really fun! I would prefer, if there was a limit for opponents attacking you at the same time. Fast action, fast restarts with 98 new opponents, responsive controls, and some mildly interesting interactions make this one heck of a good game to me. Second, I would like to tell you how luck based the game is.

Customizing the game

I’d been playing Tetris with traditional controls for so many years that I didn’t think I could handle moving to something new. I knew my snobbish approach to the whole situation wasn’t doing me any favors, and at worst, it could be keeping me from having a fantastic Tetris experience. When I heard Tetris was available on smartphones and tablets, I had no idea how it would work. Could you actually play Tetris with any level of quality through a touchscreen?

  • The slightest movement as the piece is about to drop will move it out of place .
  • Tetris 99 shifts to a high-intensity mix of Flight of the Bumblebee when the battlefield has been reduced to the last 10 players.
  • In the qualifying, the top 8 scorers of “Type B” games advanced to the main tournament.

The key to doing that is to dump garbage blocks, which resemble the ceiling from Wario’s Woods, on their stack. When three or more of these align, this creates a Shock Block, a special garbage block, which makes clearing garbage blocks more difficult. Each battle gets successively more difficult, and as the players progress and free their allies, they can use them in battle as well.


There was no reason not to admire this wonderful player, who was so passionate about the game he was playing. He was also a gentle person, which could be read from his face while he was flawlessly stacking those pieces. Over time, I have won countless Tetris Maximuses in this battle royale, and even beat the Invictus mode, the hardest competition in the game. I noticed that my Tetris skills were getting sharper, and with newfound confidence, thought I could prove this in a contest. After all, there were tons of e-sports competitions out there, so Tetris must have one too. After a quick search, I came across a worldwide Tetris competition, albeit with a major difference nes tetris.

Thinking to turn it into an online battle game looks like a very good idea. Competing against 99 other players sounds daunting at first but there’s always a chance for even beginner players to rank highly on the standings. It is a funny little game, which makes the Nintendo Online Service a bit more attractive in my opinion. For people, who don’t play Tetris that much, it might be a bit overwhelming at first, but the more you play it, the more you get used to it. I have had fun times with this game, but I have had many many more horrible times because I simply couldn’t compete against 4 people at once.

Because of the delay before a piece settles, you can rotate a T piece into a slot at the last moment to fit it in unexpected ways. To do this, press the rotate button right before a T piece settles and it will spin into a slot that it otherwise wouldn’t have fit into. When you tuck a piece after performing a hard drop, it is called a zangi-move. Sometimes, you simply won’t get an I piece for the first turns of the game.